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SwatchPAY! The coolest way to pay

A SwatchPAY! is a Swatch you can pay with! The watch uses a virtual card, linked to your actual Cembra Money Bank credit card.

SwatchPAY! is a fast payment system, doesn't need batteries to work and is integrated into your Swatch in a water-resistant manner. It's easy to link a credit card to your watch and you can even manage more than one watch in your account in the SwatchPAY! App, making it easy to organise your expenses.

SwatchPAY! is compatible with all Cembra Money Bank credit cards:

This is how easy it is to use SwatchPAY!

1. Buy a SwatchPAY! Watch in the Swatch Store or online at
2. Download the SwatchPAY! app
3. Activate your new SwatchPAY! Watch directly in the store or online
4. You’re ready to pay with SwatchPAY!

Activate SwatchPAY!

To link your credit card to your SwatchPAY! Watch, visit one of the selected Swatch Stores and use an on-site SwatchPAY! Box, which is required for linking. Visit to find out more about participating stores. It is also possible to activate your SwatchPAY! online at with an Android smartphone.

Download the SwatchPAY! App

Simply download the SwatchPAY! app free of charge from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Then create an account and register your credit card.

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