Fidesmo Pay & Mondaine PayChip

Fidesmo Pay - pay with your wearable

Fidesmo Pay is a payment service that enables secure and convenient contactless payment with a variety of "wearables" such as watches, bracelets or key fobs.

All Cembra credit cards support Fidesmo Pay!

Fidesmo partners with MONDAINE PayChip® to offer a stylish, sustainable and convenient way of contactless payment.

Contactless payment with MONDAINE PayChip® watches

MONDAINE PayChip watches become a fast, secure and contactless payment method in no time thanks to the small "PayChip" integrated into the watch. The MONDAINE PayChip with the Fidesmo Pay function is easily inserted into the strap of your MONDAINE PayChip watch. There it sits firmly, securely and invisibly, turning your iconic MONDAINE watch into a simple means of payment.

Optionally, you can also use the MONDAINE wrist strap, which is included free of charge, to equip any other watch with the same payment function.

Paying with the MONDAINE PayChip is not only stylish and simple, but also secure. Because your credit card data is protected and will not be stored or shared. Using the app, the chip can also be deactivated at any time, should this ever be necessary.

Buy and activate MONDAINE PayChip® watch

  1. Order your MONDAINE PayChip watch in the MONDAINE Switzerland Shop.
  2. During the check-out process, add the credit card you wish to securely link to the MONDAINE PayChip as a means of payment.
  3. After receiving your new MONDAINE PayChip watch, please download the "Fidesmo" app (Android or iOS) on your smartphone.
  4. One you activate your PayChip in the Fidesmo App you can pay immediately with your MONDAINE PayChip securely and contactless.

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