Loans tailored to your needs

The loan that matches your plans and objectives

Cembra Money Bank can support you with a tailor-made personal loan that matches your financial situation and plans:

  • Cash Loan: The fixed-term loan with fixed monthly repayments
  • Cash Loan Plus: The loan with money reserves and multiple withdrawals during the first two years
  • Financing Plus: Financing for your pre-owned car exclusively through a car dealer

Fixed-term and fixed-repayment loans

Cash Loan

Thanks to the fixed term and fixed repayments, this loan offers you the comfort of knowing what expenses you can expect each month. Gain an initial overview: use our loan calculator to calculate the size of the loan you want, specify the required term and get an immediate forecast for the monthly repayments that will need to be made. By the way: If you already have a loan with another bank, you can easily switch this to Cembra Money Bank. We can help you with this.

Loans for greater flexibility

Cash Loan Plus

With our Cash Loan Plus you have maximum financial flexibility and the possibility to access a money reserve. Within the framework of the agreed maximum credit limit, during the first two years your access to money is uncomplicated and flexible. You can obtain money exactly when you need it.

The loan to finance your car

Financing Plus

Looking to buy a pre-owned car and need the right financing? Our loans, available directly from your car dealer, will enable you to benefit from stable monthly repayments and a flexible term. At the same time, Financing Plus allows you to repay the cost of the car in full, so that the car is yours at the end of the term. Ask your car dealer about Financing Plus from Cembra Money Bank.