Card safety

Fraudulent SMS

Even if you are not a customer of Cembra Money Bank, you might have received a fraudulent SMS in our company’s name.
Fraudulent SMS invite you to reveal your personal and confidential data through a link embedded. Please do not reply to these messages but delete them instead.
In case you replied to a suspicious SMS or filled in a form referred to by such a message, please have your credit card blocked by calling our 24-7 service at +41 44 439 40 30.

Cembra Money Bank does not send SMS messages inviting you to confirm personal or confidential data.

What is Phishing?

By using „Phishing“, third parties create fraudulent emails, SMS or webpages in order to get personal details, such as credit card numbers or passwords. Cembra Money Bank never asks for confidential information on the phone or by e-mail. Never reply to such requests, please.

  • What to do in case of receiving a suspicious E-Mail?
    In case you receive suspicious email, please forward to Cembra Money Bank ( Do not reply to any such an email and delete it from you mailbox.
  • What should I do if I suspect that I have given my credit card data to third parties?
    If you suspect, that third parties have received access to your credit card data, please immediately contact Cembra Money Bank at +41 (0)44 439 40 20.
  • What does Cembra do against Phishing?
    Cembra Money Bank monitors for ongoing phishing mails and takes action upon to discovery to reduce the risk of customers inadvertently sharing their information.

What does Cembra do against credit card fraud?

What are my responsibilities for reducing the risk of Fraud?

What should I do in the event of loss or theft of my creditcard?

Further fraud approaches online

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