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With all our credit cards, you can pay contactless at the terminal for amounts up to CHF 80 without entering your PIN code. Even more flexible, you can use Mobile Payment with your mobile phone, smartwatch or other «Smart Device» such as wristbands or key fobs for amounts over CHF 80. Activating your credit card for a Mobile Payment Wallet is quick and easy. Find out more about the supported mobile payment solutions below:

A smart way to pay on the go

Thanks to mobile payment, you don’t need to have any cash or your credit card with you to pay easily, securely and conveniently on the go.

You can add your Cembra credit card to your smartphone, smartwatch, SwatchPAY! Watch or other «Smart Device» and use the proven Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to pay at one of the many contactless payment stations. If you are using Samsung Pay, a payment terminal that can read the magnetic stripe is also fine.

Mobile Payment: simple and secure, with the wallet of your choice

Cembra supports the following mobile payment wallets:

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Garmin Pay™
  • Fitbit Pay
  • SwatchPAY!
  • Fidesmo Pay
  • Xiamoi, Zapp Pay and more

Maximum security for mobile payment

Mobile payment is impressive thanks to extensive security features. All the data is transmitted in encrypted form and is not shared or saved. Neither credit card numbers nor personal details are visible during the transaction.

Discover the practical mobile payment solutions.

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