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Limitless mobile payment

Be it a newspaper at the kiosk or lunch in a restaurant – with Samsung Pay you can now make mobile payments very easily and securely. Samsung Pay not only works using Near Field Communications (NFC) but also via Magnetic Secure Transmission technology (MST). So you can even make mobile payments at terminals that have only a magnetic stripe reader. All you need for Samsung Pay is a compatible Samsung smartphone or smartwatch, as well as credit card from Cembra Money Bank:

Also flexible online

With Samsung Pay, you can also flexibly pay online. Several large dealers in Switzerland already offer Samsung Pay as a means of payment. You can thus also buy easily online with your Samsung smartphone without interrupting your purchase if you do not happen to have your credit card to hand. You can confirm the transaction very easily on your smartphone using iris recognition, finger print or PIN entry. Find out more.

Setting up Samsung Pay

To set up Samsung Pay on your smartphone, download the Samsung Pay app on your Samsung device and log in with your Samsung account. With the aid of the instructions you can now add your credit card and make mobile payments right away.

To set up this feature on your Samsung smartwatch, simply download the Galaxy Wearable app on your Samsung smartphone and tap Samsung Pay. Now you can record your credit card details.

More detailed information about the individual models can be found at:

Setting up Samsung Pay in detail

Mobile payment made easy

With your smartphone

Swipe up on your smartphone to start the Samsung Pay app.

Authenticate yourself by means of your fingerprint, iris scan or PIN.

Hold your smartphone close to the payment terminal – and your payment will be activated.

With your smartwatch

  1. Start the Samsung Pay app by pressing and holding the Back button of your smartwatch.
  2. Turn the bezel to select the card you require.
  3. Press "Pay” and then hold the device close to the payment terminal to activate the payment.

Paying with the Samsung smartwatch in detail

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