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Mobile payment on the run

Pay for your apple juice after working out really easily, or for a coffee on the way to work, by using contactless Near Field Communication (NFC) – with your Fitbit Ionic smartwatch. The intelligent fitness tracker transforms into your digital wallet thanks to the mobile payment solution Fitbit Pay and a credit card from Cembra Money Bank:

Your card information is encrypted and never displayed or saved with Fitbit Pay. It is not even shared with the retailer or Fitbit.

Setting up Fitbit Pay

You can set up Fitbit Pay quickly and easily by loading the Fitbit app on your smartphone and connecting your Fitbit Ionic smartwatch to your mobile phone. As soon as you open the Fitbit wallet in the Ionic area of the app, you will be guided through the Fitbit Pay set-up and can add your Cembra Money Bank credit card. You also create a personal four-digit PIN code.

Details on setting up Fitbit Pay wallet

Paying with Fitbit Pay

  1. Press and hold the left button of your Fitbit Ionic smartwatch.
  2. Enter your personal four-digit PIN code if you are prompted.
  3. As soon as your credit card appears on the smartwatch screen, you can hold your Fitbit Ionic to the card reader with the front facing the reader. When payment is made, the watch will vibrate and display a confirmation.

Details on paying with the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch

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