Cembra Money aims at distributing 60-70% of net income to shareholders in the form of ordinary dividends. Furthermore, Cembra Money Bank intends to return excess Tier 1 capital above c.20% to shareholders either via extraordinary dividends or share buybacks unless there is a more efficient allocation of capital.

Year Ordinary dividend Extraordinary dividend Tax value Yield Details
2018 3.55**
2017 3.45* 1.00 90.85 4.9% Ictax
2016 3.35* 74.20 4.5% Ictax
2015 3.10* 64.40 4.8% Ictax
2014 2.85* 55.00 5.6% Ictax
2013 58.55 4.9% Ictax
* Distributions in the form of Swiss withholding tax exempt distributions out of legal reserves from capital contributions.
** Of which CHF 3.00 in the form of Swiss withholding tax exempt reserves from capital contributions; CHF 0.55 from retained earnings.

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