Bonds issued

Cembra Money Bank AG and/or its subsidiaries have issued publicly traded debt securities. The table shows details on the different securities.

Issuer ISIN Type Currency Nominal Coupon Term
Swiss Auto
Lease 2016-1
CH0328298028 ABS (auto lease) CHF 200mn
0.22% 2016/2020*
Swiss Auto
Lease 2015-1
CH0273755824 ABS (auto lease) CHF 200mn 0.23% 2015/2019**
Cembra Money Bank AG CH0255287010 Senior unsecured CHF 100mn 0.75% 2014/2019
Cembra Money Bank AG CH0255287028 Senior unsecured CHF 100mn 1.25% 2014/2022
Cembra Money Bank AG CH0295050915 Senior unsecured CHF 175mn 0.50% 2015/2021
Cembra Money Bank AG CH0336587735 Senior unsecured CHF 200mn 0.18% 2016/2023
Cembra Money Bank AG CH0385997090 Senior unsecured CHF 200mn 0.25% 2017/2024
Cembra Money Bank AG CH0367206718 Senior unsecured CHF 150mn 0.375% 2017/2025

For more information on the Swiss Auto Lease ABS please visit: