Mastercard® Identity Check™


What is Mastercard Identity Check?

Mastercard Identity Check is an international security standard for Internet transactions. Mastercard Identity Check helps merchants from online shops and card issuers worldwide to establish whether a transaction is made by the rightful cardholder. As a result, there is a steady increase in the number of online merchants that support this service and offer it to their customers. This service offers you even greater protection when shopping online with your Cembra credit card, as you confirm each online transaction with a temporary 6-figure security code that you receive via SMS. Cembra offers this service free of charge for all the credit cards issued by the bank.

Helpful information for using Mastercard Identity Check

How can I use Mastercard Identity Check?

Can Mastercard Identity Check also be used with the additional card?

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Can I also buy items in the Internet without using Mastercard Identity Check when I am requested to do so?

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Who can I contact if my payment is declined for security reasons?

I changed my mobile number. How can I get the SMS code now?

Is there any change to liability for fraudulent transactions?

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How will I know that the Mastercard Identity Check window is really from Cembra?