Cembra. Your Swiss Bank

A chat with Christa Rigozzi

Successful entertainer and presenter Christa Rigozzi is also supporting our new national advertising campaign as a brand ambassador for Cembra. In short, snappy chats with Christa, the campaign highlights the advantages of taking out a loan.

How does Christa respond to a friend who messages her to say that, all of a sudden, he wants to be an astronaut? "You can do this, no problem”, because Cembra offers loans for further education. In our new campaign, our brand ambassador Christa Rigozzi has an apt and quick-witted answer to everything.

Christa Rigozzi on her involvement: "What I like about Cembra is its proximity to its clients, its commitment and its broad range of services – I think these are important features for a bank, so I am very pleased to be able to represent Cembra as a brand ambassador."

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