Our offering

We offer a broad range of financing solutions in Switzerland:

Personal loans: Cembra is a leading provider in the highly competitive personal loans market. We are offering a personalised premium service, and our products are available through our 13 branches across Switzerland, through independent intermediaries and online.

Auto loans and leasing: Cembra is a large brand-independent auto loans and leasing provider in Switzerland. Our products are sold via a distribution network of around 4,000 car dealers, who act as intermediaries. A dedicated sales force of 24 field agents, together with the employees at our four service centres, provide a personalised, flexible and efficient service.

Credit cards: We are one of the leading credit card providers in Switzerland, with more than 1 million cards in circulation. We offer a range of credit cards through partner programmes with Migros, IKEA, Conforama, TCS, Fnac and LIPO, as well as our own credit card. The cards offer a range of attractive features, such as Migros Cumulus points, cash back, personalised designs and no annual fees.

Insurance products: We provide insurance products as an intermediary. Along our personal loans and auto leasing and loans, we offer financial protection in case of involuntary unemployment, accident, illness or disability. We also offer travel and flight accident insurance and card protection insurance for our credit card customers.

Deposits: We provide deposit and savings products at competitive interest rates for both retail customers and institutional clients.

Invoice financing: We offer invoice financing through our subsidiary Swissbilling AG.

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