Cembra Social-Media Netiquette

Dear User

On our social media channels, we provide information and news for anyone who wants to interact with us. To make this as pleasant as possible and to ensure that everyone feels comfortable in our digital environment, we have put together the following guidelines.

  1. We look forward to a lively exchange. We respect the opinion of every individual. We are very happy to accept constructive criticism. Likewise, we ask you to accept the opinions of others. We make moderation decisions thoughtfully and ask all social media participants to support us in our moderation by following the guidelines, being fair and respectful to each other, and posting content and comments that are relevant to the entire community.
  2. Public comments, posts and information are visible to all users. Upload only content to which you own the appropriate rights (own photos, music, etc.). Only submit information and details that are intended for the public and do not post any confidential or personal information (account data and numbers, contract or credit card numbers, etc.).

We reserve the right to remove posts that violate our policies. Individuals who repeatedly commit such violations will be blocked.

In particular, the following will not be tolerated:

  • Abusive, harassing, threatening behavior, stalking, and assaulting others
  • Defamatory, abusive, obscene and unlawful posts and depictions of violence
  • Use of language characterized by hatred in relation to ethnicity, religion, gender, nationality or political beliefs
  • Fraudulent or illegal actions and false pretenses
  • Troll posts and deliberate disruption of discussions
  • Infringements of intellectual property rights, personal rights or other rights of third parties
  • Spam
  • Uploading and linking to files that contain viruses or programs that could damage other people's computers
  • Commercial solicitation of customers or requests for donations
  • Invasion of privacy of other persons

Legal notice

Data transmitted via an open data network (e.g. via the Internet or e-mail may be accessible to all . Cembra cannot guarantee the confidentiality of communications or documents transmitted via such open networks. When disclosing personal data via an open data network, please bear in mind that such data may be accessible to third parties and may be collected and used by them without your consent. Please also read the terms of use, the information on security on the Internet as well as the information on data protection and the use of cookies, which apply to websites of Cembra and its subsidiaries and are also applicable to our social media communication.

Legal notice

Information about security on the Internet

Information on data protection and use of cookies


Customer:inside feedback

All our social media channels are moderated by employees. We do our best to respond to inquiries as quickly as possible. Specific questions about products, services or career opportunities cannot be answered via social media channels. With regard to these categories, you will find help and information here:

Product related support: FAQ - Cembra

For specific questions about your customer relationship as well as general questions about products and services, please contact our customer service: +41 44 439 81 11.

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