IKEA Family Credit Card

Do I need a PIN to use my credit card?

Data protection

The IKEA Family Credit Card is free of charge: What does this mean exactly?

Are Cembra Money Bank credit cards secure?

Conversion of foreign currencies?

When is interest calculated?

How is interest calculated?

What happens if I enter my PIN code incorrectly?

What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

What happens if I forget my PIN code?

What are my duties of care?

What is the charge for lottery, betting and casino transactions?

Where can I find more information about the free insurance benefits offered by the IKEA Family Credit Card?

Where in the world can I collect points with my IKEA Family Credit Card?

How can I protect myself from card misuse?

What do I do if I suspect that my credit card has been misused?

What do I do if I see transactions on my monthly statement that I didn't make?

What does Cembra Money Bank do to prevent card misuse?

Security tips for credit card use on the internet

Does the PIN code of Cembra Money Bank credit cards protect against data theft on the Internet?

Who is responsible if my credit card is used fraudulently?

How long is the payment period?

Does Cembra Money Bank offer payments via direct debit (LSV) for credit cards?

Can I revoke an LSV debit that has been made to my account?

What happens if I do not make a payment within the payment period or make a payment that is less than the minimum amount indicated on the invoice?

What options do I have for paying the invoice amount?

What is the processing surcharge of 1.5% for foreign transactions?

As a customer, how can I tell where the merchant is based when making purchases on the internet?

What is a foreign transaction in CHF?

What is MyDesign and how does it work?

FAQ – Travel and Purchase Protection insurance

Uses and benefits of the Ikea Family Credit Card Travel & Purchase insurance

The trip was not purchased with the Ikea Family Credit Card, am I still covered?

What are the prerequisites for insurance coverage?

I have received a reminder letter, is my insurance coverage still valid?

I would like to apply for another card offered by Cembra Money Bank. If I were to do so, would I receive the same insurance coverage?

Every insurance policy has exclusions – what are the most important ones?

Can I order the Ikea Family Credit Card without insurance coverage?

Can I receive the insured services with another card in exchange for a fee?

Can I extend my insurance coverage?

When does the insurance coverage begin and end?

What exactly is insured?

Who is insured?

Who is the insurer?

Where can customers get information on the Travel & Purchase Insurance?

Where is the insurance valid?

Questions regarding costs

Do I have to pay extra for the insurance?

Questions about claims

To whom must I report a claim?

Where can customers find information about their insurance coverage?

What happens after the claim has been reported?

Who decides whether a claim is paid out?