Your rental guarantee without deposit

Express registration

Why block your money needlessly?

It’s not always easy to come up with 3 months rental guarantee. In addition, the rental guarantee from your previous lodging is often still blocked, or you simply prefer to not be deprived of your money that could be used in other ways.

The SwissCaution rental guarantee offers the same security and value as a cash deposit for your Landlord. Thanks to SwissCaution, your money remains available for your moving costs or new projects.

How much does it cost?

You do not have to deposit any money! You pay a fixed registration premium of CHF 231.– (Federal stamp of 5% included) which covers your rental guarantee until 31 December of the current year. The following years you pay an annual premium of 5% of your rental guarantee plus administrative costs of CHF 20.- (and a Federal stamp of 5%).

As soon as your rental guarantee request is received, accompanied by the required documents and your payment, SwissCaution will send immediately your rental guarantee to your real estate agency or lessor, as well as a copy for yourself.