The most important facts – point by point

The most important information regarding your Payment Protection Insurance Plus at a glance:

  • You are insured against involuntary unemployment, illness, accident or full disability.
  • In the event of damage/loss, your financing repayments of up to CHF 2,500 are reimbursed per month.
  • You receive an additional monthly payout of CHF 500 which you can use according to your personal plans and needs.
  • In the event of disability, your residual debt of up to CHF 65,000
    (excl. residual value) is reimbursed with a financing agreement.
  • You profit even if you are covered by employers’ contributions or other insurance policies.
  • Your repayments are insured immediately after signing your financing agreement. In the event of involuntary unemployment, there is a legal 60-day waiting period.
  • There is a legal 60-day waiting period until benefits are provided.
  • You receive up to 9 monthly installments per damage/loss plus CHF 500 cash per month as a contribution for your fixed expenses.
  • For the insurance cover, the terms and conditions specified exclusively in the policy are binding; please consider the reasons for exclusion.