A service offered by Touring Club Schweiz (TCS*).

CardProtect is a 24-hour blocking service for your registered cards as well as data, and also provides enhanced security when shopping online.

Would you like to take precautions in case of card loss or theft? And would you like to buy online in a secure way?
Your purse or handbag has been stolen, lost or just disappeared – and all data has gone! What can you do to have your cards blocked?

You made an order online but your delivery either did not arrive or is not as desired. What can you do in case the goods are damaged and you cannot return these, or if there are any other difficulties with the provider?

We offer a suitable service for this
With CardProtect you are better protected in your daily life, when travelling or shopping online – 24 hours a day, worldwide.

CardProtect stores all your important data (all credit and bank card data, your identity card and passport, telephone PIN and PUK, etc.) centrally and securely. Should your purse or handbag be stolen or get lost: Just call and your data and cards are protected.

By the way: CardProtect also contains an online shopping insurance *, providing you immediately with assistance should any problems arise. If necessary, CardProtect contacts the involved provider and reimburses you for any incurred expenses.

CardProtect is a new service offered by TouringClub Switzerland (TCS). Cooperation between Cembra Money Bank and TCS ensures optimal data security and reliable service in the event of emergencies.

CardProtect can be taken out with credit cards issued by Cembra Money Bank (except TCS Mastercard).

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