Areas of activity

Cembra Money Bank offers attractive career prospects in many different areas.

Sales and marketing

  • Consumer Direct (branches)
    Consumer Direct is one of our primary distribution channels, responsible for selling personal loans, investment and insurance products. Our customers receive personalised advice in one of our 25 branches throughout Switzerland.
  • Credit Cards
    As a credit card specialist, we help our business partners to improve client relations.
  • Motor Solutions (vehicle finance)
    As an independent vehicle finance provider, Motor Solutions provides effective support and facilitates our business partners' transactions. Our regional sales area managers work closely with Swiss car, second-hand car, motorbike and caravan dealers to provide tailored products.
  • Insurance
    We offer innovative insurance solutions in association with our lending and credit card products: enhanced payment security for travellers and protection against credit card fraud.
  • Online Business 
    In response to growing demand for increased flexibility, our Online Business segment provides for the needs of our e-business customers and the next generation of customers.

Investment and Asset Management

Our investment and asset management segment offers a range of investment services for wealthy private investors and institutional investors from industry, the financial sector and public sector.

Client Services, Internal Services and Collections

Client Services, Internal Services & Collections are the interface between our different departments and our customers. In addition to managing existing and new customers, the team deals with all operational transactions on behalf of Credit Cards, Motor Solutions and Collections.

Risk Management

The Risk Management unit develops procedures and systems to identify, analyse and manage risk. The main priorities are liquidity management, lending and financial market risk.


The business accounting and financial management teams support the Management in planning, managing, monitoring business and financial transactions as well as in reporting duties.


The IT department is responsible for developing IT infrastructure and data traffic solutions, new applications and processes. The department's expertise is essential to ensuring that the bank runs smoothly.

Project management

Project Management is responsible for all in-house projects. The department primarily focuses on creating efficient structures and process management. Also assists individual business units with project planning, managing, supervision and implementation.

Internal Audit

Internal Audit provides independent audit and advisory services, improving business processes and optimising workflows through structured analysis.


The Legal team provides assistance to all bank departments on legal issues, industry-specific requirements and regulatory matters.


Compliance ensures that the bank adheres to all laws, guidelines and industry requirements.

PR & Communications

PR & Communications deals with all communication activities, services and tools used by Cembra Money Bank to reach target customers. This includes reputation management and communications focused on our company strategy.


The HR team is responsible for staff recruitment, management and training. We are committed to encouraging and developing staff.