A strategy based on three pillars

Our strategy focuses on making Cembra the provider of choice for those looking for financial solutions in Switzerland. We aim to achieve this through our three strategic goals, which are to defend the core business, build for the future and increase in size through external growth.

Defend the core business
Here, our focus is on maintaining our leading market position in personal loans and auto financing by adapting to the evolving distribution environment and expanding our B2B network of partners. We seek to provide customers with a holistic experience. We also stay in tune with wider market trends by rolling out new product offerings.

Build for the future
We aim to prepare our business for upcoming challenges, with a focus on systems, processes, people and ultimately how we execute initiatives. One of our key objectives is to transform Cembra into a more customer-centric organisation, supported by lean processes and a competitive cost base, which we will achieve by digitising our value chain. We are also focused on developing our employees and improving their work environment.

Gain size through external growth
We are looking to bring in new business lines and expand our customer base through acquisitions and partnerships, while also remaining in line with Cembra’s core ambition of being the provider of choice for financial solutions in Switzerland.

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